A Touch Of Class

Keys to party planning in 2020? Flexibility & Creativity

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone. Some clients have seen years of planning go up in smoke. That’s when the best entertainers get creative to help out their clientele. That is exactly what A Touch Of Class DJ’s is doing. Here are just a few things for that can be done to entertain your guests:

For weddings that are planned in 2020:

  • Reschedule the event until 2021 or later. Some clients are choosing weekdays, Friday nights, and Sundays when they find all of the prime Saturdays booked.
  • Minimonies are a new termed phrase used to describe smaller weddings of 50 or fewer guests. They have all of the fun of a full 150 person reception only scaled down
  • Post reception bashes planned after a small ceremony to celebrate with family and friends.
  • Virtual weddings through Zoom that gets everyone together complete with professional emceeing and music

For corporate clients:

1. Remember that your staff is going through a difficult time as is your business. Many have to homeschool and get work done. Others have to venture out into the unknown to perform their duties. Now is a great time to offer an escape from reality. Virtual games are a great way to help out your employees. Virtual Escape Rooms, Zoom Extreme Trivia, Virtual Dance Parties are inexpensive ways to keep comradery during these hard times.
2. When you want smaller events, you can opt for outdoor lawn games that individuals and teams of 2 can use together. We offer Giant Connect 4, Giant Jenga, Personalized Cornhole, and Ladder Ball that will fit the bill. They can keep their distance and they can still have some fun.
3. A Mobile Escape Room is the newest item on the market. It includes a pip & drape style “room” complete with Egyptian theming with puzzles and props. Plus, all of the props are disinfected before every use. This is designed for teams of 2-4 people for a period of 12-15 min.

For schools

1. Many of the schools have lost their proms and graduations. Creativity comes in the form of giant virtual proms via Zoom or Mini-proms. Mini-proms are a brand new offering where groups of up to 10 kids get together in one living room. We bring in the small sound system with a predetermined playlist, small light show, and open air photo booth complete with disinfected props. This miniprom offering is only a few hundred dollars for a few hours, but it can give your graduating seniors a night that they won’t soon forget.


For Bar/Bat Mitzvahs:

1. Move the date. The transition in Jewish Faith can be done at any age. Traditionally, it is at 13, but no one says you can’t do the party when they are 14. This is the easiest way to ensure that family and friends can all celebrate the big day fir the Guest of Honor. Alternatively, you can have a small ceremony now and a kid’s party later. They used to be called “record hops”. The service would take place on Saturday and the 3 hour kids party would be on Sunday. We have been seeing a number of clients choose to have a kids party of all shapes and sizes down the road.

It’s all about flexibility and creativity. Any veteran entertainment company can give you a host of information that you may not have thought about. So, keep a line of communication open with your entertainers. They have more resources at their disposal. There are ideas that you may never have thought about that could work perfectly.

Remember, we are all in this together.

Until next time, love each other (from a safe distance).